Dark Matter

So I have a secret love for quantum and theoretical physics. I’ll never have the mathematical prowess to go anywhere in either field, but I could listen to someone talk about theories and hypothesis all day. So when the guy at Bookcon said Dark Matter was all about crazy cool physics stuff, I couldn’t pass it up.

The first 150 pages are real slow. Maybe it was just me, but I was having a tough time getting into it. Nothing was making sense. Then all the sudden, the general plot snapped into focus, and the ball got rolling. It took a while to premise the book, but once it got going, Dark Matter never stopped. Like I can comfortably say that’s the most stressed I’ve been reading a book. Crouch just slams the pedal to the metal and keeps it there for the next 200 pages.

The only real qualms I have with Dark Matter is that first hundred pages. I had to reread passages again and again to try and understand what was going on. As a reader you’re left in the dark for a longgg time, figuring out what the hell is going on at the same time Jason does. And I’m usually down for that, but things didn’t make sense for SO LONG. I’m so glad I kept with it because Dark matter really is a mind bending book, but when every page of the first quarter of the book is touch to get through, it’s a struggle. But like I said, once everything is figured out and the course of action is revealed, everything becomes easy to follow and wildly enjoyable.

One thing that should be insignificant actually drove me to knock off half a star. Thought the whole entire book Crouch decided to
Write sentences.
Like this.
Fragmented sentences punctuated with line breaks. It bothered me TO NO END. So brace yourself, but don’t let the bizarre stylistic choices drive you away, it’s forgivable in the face of such a wonderful book. So I’m definitely rounding up the star rating but know it’s really really annoying.

The physics in Dark Matter drive the plot. That said, the concepts are presented in a way that the most scientifically unsavvy reader (like me!!) can totally keep up with. Crouch explains everything so that it keeps its scientific integrity, but stays palatable.

Dark Matter is a wonderfully nerve racking sci-fi thriller that deals with crazy scientific concepts and the type of love you jump through the multiverse for.


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